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Heinrich SteinwegHeinrich Engelardt Steinweg was born in Wolfshagen im Harz on 22th February 1797. He is the most famous son of Wolfshagen.

After numerous misfortunes in his youth, he moved to Seesen in 1820 to become a cabinet maker. At an early age he had discovered his love of music. He
built his first table pianos secretly in his home, as in those days piano making was strictly controlled by the guilds. Later he established his own
workshop, where he worked with his sons.

In 1836 they constructed the first grand piano – a legend was born!
Heinrich Steinweg
At the age of 53, Steinweg decided to emigrate with his family to America. As a perfectionist, he was attracted by the countless possibilities the new continent offered.

On 29th June 1850 the Steinwegs arrived in New York and only three years later the company Steinway & Sons was founded.  Success came quickly, but the company continued to search relentlessly for new ways to achieve the ideal sound . This ambition lead to revolutionary innovations in the construction of pianos and grand pianos.




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