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it is impossible to present here the full history of Wolfshagen. We have just listed below some of the more important facts and events that might be
interesting to tourists.  All data and facts, as well as the photographs, are taken from the "Wolfshager Chronik" of Herbert Noffke.  

1st March 1316.  Wolfshagen im Harz was first mentioned. Heinrich, Herzog von Braunschweig, donated half of the Scherde (Schader) forest to the knight
Widekind von Garsenbuttel.

1550. 30 men were living in Wolfshagen

1599. It was reported that most people of Wolfshagen made their living from mining but also many meadows had been developed.

1629. During the Thirty Years' War, the village was threatened by pillage. The big church bell was pawned for 140 Mariengulden to pay a ransom.

1687. The village still had to pay off these debts.

1663. Wolfhagen had 192 inhabitants.

1797. Heinrich Engelhardt Steinweg was born in Wolfshagen. He was the founder of Steinway & Sons, the world famous piano makers.

1798. Wolfshagen had 103 fireplaces and 786 inhabitants.

1890. Wolfshagen was granted the status of a climatic spa and the first spa hotel was erected. The village had 1800 inhabitants.

1914. Wolfshagen had 133 beds for tourists.

1917. Once again a church bell had to be sacrificed – this time melted down for the war effort. The bell was replaced in 1925, but unfortunately suffered
the same fate again in 1942.

1920. A spa tax was introduced in Wolfshagen. Visitors who stayed for more than 5 days had to pay three marks.

1929. The first regular passenger transport started between Goslar and Wolfshagen.

1952. A swimming pool was built, this was replaced by a heated pool in 1966. In the early 60's the annual number of visitors grew rapidly to 10,000.

1968. The council designated an area for holiday cottages and the campsite was extended.

1972. Wolfshagen had 2670 inhabitants. The swimming pool welcomed 148,000 visitors.




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